“New Year’s Planning”

by Shelly Lyons

Silent night after silent night
Sleepy and sleepless
We think
And we think
And we just keep thinking

Laying awake
We toss and we turn
Another year over
What have we done?

Daring to dream
Dying to live
Desperate to rest
Determined to think less
Do more and Be more

More what though?
On time? Organized?
Efficient? Focused?
Perfectly perfect?

More of who you are not
So effortlessly and easily
Able to be
Was this your 2023?

‘Be less you’
The daily message
Coursing through our bodies
Our minds
Our media

Internal and external worlds
Aligning with the lie
You are not good enough
Just the way you are

‘Be less you’
Limiting our sense of self
Dimming our inner spark
Our wit and childlike wonder
Day after day after day
Exhausting our weary minds
Sleepless on silent nights

The answer might just begin
With a gift
From you
To you
With love

The gift of an awakened perspective
On what it means to be
Full of creativity
Curiosity and possibility
Fully capable of creating
A vision and a plan

A bold vision
An achievable plan
To return to what makes you

Before the labels
Stereotypes and stigma
Of that wildly misunderstood

In the new year
When all is calm
And all is bright
Who will you be
In the middle of a silent night?

When all is possible
And all is this moment
What will you plan
In your new paper planner
That is for you
Past, present, and future you

What will you plan
To help you to remember
To play
To laugh
To rest
To connect

To be more You
Exactly as you are