Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between working with a Holistic ADHD Coach and a Therapist?

ADHD-ers often do well in therapy and working 1:1 with a licensed therapist. Some of my current clients were referred to me by their therapist for a reason, though. Even with therapy, which is complementary to coaching, you may still face brain-based struggles outside of the scope of therapy which interfere with your quality of life such as:

  • Executive functioning challenges (planning, time-management, short-term working memory, decision-making, etc.)
  • Rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD)
  • A lack of clarity and accountability support regarding specific action-oriented steps aligned with your unique brain and more.

A well-trained ADHD coach also understands the significant role interest, emotions, and rest play for ADHD-ers and can provide accountability support and help you to identify concrete action-oriented planning strategies during weekly sessions. These are in-session supports ADHD-ers find very effective but are outside the scope of therapy. In a nutshell, clients often leave our sixty minute sessions with a shift in perspective, more clarity, and are excited to execute their game plan.

ADHD Coaching offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to your well-being and acknowledges the impact, both positive and challenging, of an ADHD brain-wiring. Together, we work off your strengths and interests to help you develop the strategies and tools that create progress toward meaningful long-term change. We clarify your goals, help you manage obstacles, and get you where you want to go by empowering you to discover and harness the strengths of your unique brain.

A certified ADHD coach focuses on the present and future as they help you identify how your ADHD shows up in different situations and empowers you in developing the skills, structures, systems, strategies, supports, and self-awareness you need to create the solutions that work in harmony with your brain.

A well-trained ADHD coach also understands the significant role interest, emotions, and rest play for ADHD-ers and can provide accountability support and partner with you to identify concrete action-oriented planning strategies during weekly sessions. These are in-session supports ADHD-ers find very effective but outside the scope of therapy. In a nutshell, clients often leave our sixty minute sessions with a shift in perspective, more clarity, and are excited to execute their game plan.

How do I know if I need an ADHD Coach?

If you’re an ADHD-er (diagnosed or suspecting) who’s ready to understand your mind from a strengths-based lens and make meaningful changes in your life, a holistic approach to ADHD coaching might be for you.

To determine whether or not you’d benefit from coaching, think about what you’d like to learn about working with your ADHD brain, what your ongoing challenges have been, and how ready, able, and willing you are to commit to weekly coaching sessions for at least five months.

If you’re interested in considering new perspectives, discovering new strategies through experimentation and learning, and are open to progress over perfection as you build positive momentum for sustainable change, ADHD coaching is for you. 

There are many reasons my clients decide to work with me as their ADHD Coach, here are a few:

  • Work and life feel out of balance and you’re intellectually, emotionally, and physically exhausted
  • You’ve read the latest books, listened to the podcasts, laughed at the self-deprecating memes, and learned a lot about ADHD via YouTube which has all been helpful, but you intuitively know there’s more support you need specific to your ADHD brain and your daily life
  • You’re endlessly curious and eager to understand how ADHD can be a strength, especially when all you hear about and notice are the very real struggles
  • You do not yet have the clarity, skills, accountability, and support you need personally or professionally
  • You struggle with time and energy management, procrastination, and are frequently completing tasks last minute (or missing deadlines entirely)
  • Many parts of your life feel scattered and overwhelming
  • You aren’t sure what to focus on when and where to go for support so you end up doing something random or nothing at all, and feel frustrated with yourself
  • You struggle to communicate your needs to others and are really hard on yourself when you don’t live up to others’ or your own (often unrealistic) expectations
  • You keep looking for the ideal planner, perfect morning routine, and shiny new software solution that’ll make it all magically easier to plan and organize, and you think it’s “your fault” when you can’t find it or nothing sticks for long

In short, you’re ready and willing to go inward, take action, accelerate your results, and take massive strides towards increased self-confidence and accomplishing not only what feels urgent or important to someone else but what matters most to you.

There are a lot of ADHD coaches to choose from, why should I choose you?

You’re right, there are many great ADHD coaches out there! What’s most important is finding the coach that works for you. People choose me for many reasons but some things to consider when making your decision:

  • I’m professionally trained and certified by  the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) as an ADHD Life Coach
  • I have 20+ years of experience in Human Resources, executive and leadership coaching, disability programs, and corporate, nonprofit, and higher education work environments
  • I’m a late-diagnosed ADHD-er myself and have lived experience, both positive and challenging, in this endlessly fascinating brain-wiring
  • I have a solid understanding of the ADHD brain and ADHD coaching, and use my ADHD lens and strength-based approach when we work together
  • I take a holistic view and see well-being as a core factor when planning and prioritizing to accomplish more and stress less
  • I’m present, curious, calm, and encouraging, and will ask thoughtful questions that move you forward
  • I have learned how to work with my ADHD brain after years of unknowingly working against it, and consider it a privilege to support ADHD-ers in doing the same but in their own way and on their timeline
  • I was a collegiate athlete in women’s basketball at Brown University so I know what it’s like to go from built-in structure, routine, and accountability to “you’re on your own” and need to figure it out

The best way to know if we’ll work well together is to connect and chat. With a Discovery Call, I’ll get to learn about you, you’ll get to learn about me and we can mutually decide if we’re a good fit for a coaching partnership. My discovery calls are consultative and friendly (I’m not trying to sell or pitch you anything). It’s a way for us to genuinely connect, chat, and explore what you’re going through a bit more.

Who do you work with?

I mostly coach ADHD adult women, some of whom are also late-identified or suspect they could be on the autism spectrum (AuDHD).

Many of my clients are in leadership positions, work as solopreneurs, or are in-transition either personally or professionally. Some of my clients were late-identified as Neurodivergent and are in the early stages of processing what this means for them now. Others were diagnosed in childhood and are either approaching or in the middle of a major transition in life, looking to get support and discover strategies that work for their unique brain.

Sampling of past and present clients include:

  • Senior Executives
  • Small Business Owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Therapists
  • Medical School Students, PhD Candidates
  • And more

Sampling of industries clients work in include:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Music
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Public Policy
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • And more

Whether you were diagnosed as a kid or an adult, holistic ADHD coaching guides you to move forward with your goals, find renewed energy and focus, and develop greater self-awareness to make positive changes in your life.

What happens when we work together? How often would we meet?

After we decide to work together, you’ll receive a Coaching Services Agreement to sign and return before we begin your coaching sessions. I provide simple instructions on payment, and what you need to know before we get started.

How long we work together depends on what you want to work on and achieve however since sustainable change takes time and practice, and I specialize in transformative coaching meant to support you long after our partnership concludes, you can plan on anywhere from six to nine months, on average, beginning with weekly calls for at least the first few months. Weekly sessions build momentum for seeing progress and receiving accountability support. I work with some clients for five months (roughly 20 sessions) while others want ongoing weekly coaching because it supports them with planning, follow through, and accountability week-to-week. Sessions are client-driven, client-specific and depend on your unique goals.

While many of my clients start experiencing results after the first several sessions, I recommend having at least ten (10) one-hour coaching sessions to begin since it can take time to experience the value and transformative power of coaching and build momentum for accomplishing your goals and creating lasting sustainable change. While we begin with weekly appointments, there is flexibility to decrease to 2-3 times per month depending upon your progress and goals for coaching.

Life happens, and I get it. I do ask my clients to do their best to limit the number of cancellations and rescheduled appointments. I require at least 24-hours notice prior to the scheduled appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not show up for a scheduled session, you’ll be responsible for that session’s payment. I will attempt to reschedule if at all possible but this isn’t always possible. 

To make it easy, all my coaching sessions take place on Zoom and I send reminders about our session times.

What skills could I expect to learn?

What you learn depends upon your intentions, where you are in your ADHD journey, and what you put into coaching not only during sessions but in-between. A sampling of skills current and former clients have learned include:

  • Planning, prioritizing, organization, and time management
  • Energy management
  • Decision-making
    How to actually rest, relax, and recover in ways that work for ADHD
  • Mind-body present moment awareness
  • Emotional regulation
  • Clarity of mind and purpose
  • Understanding the roles interest and emotions play in our daily lives
  • Managing impulsivity
  • Ability to notice and acknowledge accomplishments, strengths, and progress toward goals
  • Self-compassion and inner confidence
  • Ability to notice the critical inner voice and how to reframe unhelpful thought patterns
  • And more!
Do you work with businesses?

Yes, absolutely. As a certified ADHD coach with extensive HR and leadership coaching experience, I work with individuals on professional and personal leadership development utilizing a strengths-based and holistic approach that is action-oriented and future-focused. Client confidentiality is taken very seriously and discussed prior to beginning coaching.

I work closely with individuals at all levels from the C-suite to individual contributors to solopreneurs across every industry and stage of development, including high-growth, technology, healthcare, and non-profit organizations to name a few. I help clients develop the skills and knowledge they need to not only be more effective but clearer and more confident in what they bring to the table that others do not.

I can also provide consulting and training services to help organizations in designing more neuro-inclusive practices and workplaces that ultimately support all employees, not just Neurodivergent individuals.

For more information and my offerings, please see my Business Coaching, Consulting, and Training page.

Do you take insurance?
No. Insurance is not accepted for coaching services in the U.S. You may however be able to use an HSA or FSA to pay. Please check with your provider for more information regarding your policy terms and coverage. I’m unable to determine this for clients.
Is coaching a write-off for tax purposes?

Possibly. Coaching is used as a professional development/education write-off by some organizations and can often be classified as a business expense. Please ask your organization or CPA directly for this information. Some businesses will agree to pay for coaching either as professional development or as a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you plan to discuss with your employer and they’re unaware of your ADHD-related work challenges, carefully consider the implications of disclosing before sharing too much information. ADHD is a disability under the ADA and a helpful free resource available to individuals and employers is the Job Accommodation Network –

Have a question I didn’t answer?

I try to be thorough and answer many of the questions that come up often, but if you have a specific question I didn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out.