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ADHD Life Coaching

Whether you were diagnosed as an ADHD-er at age seven, seven months ago, or self-identify, ADHD Life Coaching is a collaborative and transformative process that builds on your strengths and supports you in developing the mindset, tools, and strategies you need to live the life you’ve always wanted. Working with an ADHD Coach can be an empowering and life-changing experience.


I take a strengths-based and holistic approach and together, we discover what makes you authentically you and identify what’s getting in the way. Your perspective, approaches, and self-awareness will shift as you better understand your brain and nervous system, and learn how to work with them, instead of against them.


I approach my ADHD Coaching in a non-judgmental and empowering way so you’ll feel seen and understood as your authentic self. I help you to become aware of your unique strengths and manage brain-based challenges with greater clarity, new strategies, and renewed self-confidence.

Leverage the unique strengths of your fascinating and brilliant brain

The answers are inside you.

How to know whether or not ADHD Life Coaching is for you:

  • You might have an aching sense that you are not living up to your “potential,” and you are ready to figure out not only why, but what to do about it
  • You’ve learned about ADHD in general but are missing structure, accountability support, and clear next steps that get you into action toward your goals and bring balance to your life
  • You know you have strengths but are unclear how they relate to the challenging aspects of ADHD, and you’re curious to find out
  • Parts of your life feels scattered, chaotic, and overwhelming and it’s taking a toll personally and professionally 
  • You don’t have the clarity you need to move forward with confidence
  • You struggle to identify and communicate your needs to others and are hard on yourself when you don’t live up to (often unrealistic self-imposed) expectations
  • You’ve never been taught how to organize, plan, prioritize, and remember in ways that work for your ADHD brain, and tend to rely on urgency and people-pleasing to get things done
  • You keep hoping for the ideal planner, morning routine, or app that’ll make daily life easier but deep down you know these alone won’t get to the root of the imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or built-up emotions you have about being an ADHD-er in a world that doesn’t always value difference

As an ADHD-er myself, I understand what it feels like to just want to be able to “do the thing” and then get frustrated when you can’t, and don’t understand why. (Thankfully, I now know why.) You beat yourself up, thinking it’s your “fault” and there’s something you need “to fix.” You wonder whether or not it will always be this hard to not only “do,” but just “be.”

I help you understand what’s going on beneath the surface and validate that there isn’t anything “wrong” with you and you don’t need to “fix” anything. ADHD Life Coaching supports you in concrete actionable ways that you just can’t get from a great book, informative podcast, or even AI. (I’ve also tried.) ADHD Life Coaching could be the missing piece that helps you to put the skills and strategies you’ve read or heard about into action in meaningful ways in your daily life.

As an ADHD-er and ADHD coach, I have learned firsthand that it’s when we focus on our strengths, interests, and emotional awareness moment-to-moment, get curious about our own unique brains, and are open to experimenting with new approaches, that we can experience life with greater balance, confidence, and peace of mind. 

ADHD Life Coaching offers a holistic approach in developing skills and strategies for well-being, executive functioning (time management, planning, organizing, prioritizing, remembering, etc.), and reaching your goals personally and professionally.

You’ll be invited to release the pressure, dial back and question the fear, guilt, shame, and perfectionism that comes with trying to contort yourself into various boxes and molds and instead step into being authentically and fully YOU.

ADHD Life Coaching helps you understand what’s going on beneath the surface and validates that there isn’t anything “wrong” with you and you don’t need to “fix” anything.

You Are Enough

Your ADHD brain is powerful and unique, worthy of exploration and awe. Are you ready to explore your strengths and learn more about how to work with your ADHD wiring?

How does

ADHD Life Coaching Work?

Together, we’ll take an experimental and holistic approach to ADHD coaching. Coaching is a client-led process, with the goals and outcomes created by you, but with ongoing accountability support and collaboration from me, your trusted thought partner.

ADHD Life Coaching supports your personal and professional growth in a confidential, safe, structured container. I help you gain clarity and get into action toward what you want to accomplish and who you want to be.

My initial consultation is offered free of charge. It’s an informal opportunity for us to meet via Zoom and learn about one another. You can ask me any questions you like and together, we’ll determine whether or not we’re a good fit.

ADHD Life Coaching supports your personal and professional growth in a confidential, safe, structured container