ADHD in Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of all the “deficit” and “disorder” based negative messaging about ADHD? Yeah, me too.

Are you interested in hearing a more complete and modern strengths-based approach to ADHD? You’ve come to the right place.

You can listen to the She Built This podcast, hosted by Emily Aborn, where I share my holistic, strengths-based approach to my work as an ADHD, Life, and Career Coach.

I was delighted to be invited to speak with Emily and am grateful for her Neuro-inclusive approach to Podcast hosting, thoughtful questions, and insights.

We discuss:

·  What the term “ADHD” means, and what, in my opinion, it is not

·  Common misunderstandings and myths around ADHD

·  My own personal experience as an entrepreneur with late-diagnosis ADHD

·  Some tips and strategies for working with your ADHD brain instead of against it

·  How entrepreneurs and business owners can take specific actions to ensure neuro-inclusive customer experiences

·  And more!

Listen to “ADHD in Entrepreneurs, a Strengths-based Approach” here

Tips for Other Entrepreneurs in Episode:

1. Get curious and open up to conversation and learning about ADHD and neurodiversity.

2. Recognize that by not being neuro-inclusive and accessible for those who are neurodivergent you may be missing out on potentials customers, clients, and employees.

3. Make it easy to schedule with you and reach out.

4. Ensure that information is easy to find on your website and accessible for all.

5. Set aside time to educate yourself on an ongoing basis.

6. Check out She Built This episode #174 where Emily Aborn shares practical and ADHD-friendly time management tips and resources for entrepreneurs.