About Shelly

Hi! I’m Shelly Lyons,

a Life Coach for ADHD adults

The potential to feel so much more at ease, balanced, and clear is inside you. 

When you work with an ADHD Life Coach, you learn to harness the many strengths of your unique brain. You gain confidence in yourself as you learn new skills and strategies that work for you, including “the why” behind them to support you long after coaching ends.

It doesn’t happen overnight, takes some patience with the weekly coaching process, and the results are not linear but it is possible to manage the challenges that ADHD-ers experience due to our brain wiring. 

As an ADHD Life Coach I ask you questions that help you to find clarity, identify and accomplish your goals, and discover more peace and joy as you step into a future that you feel hopeful and excited for.

I want you to feel proud of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and how far you’ve come and together, elevate your unique contribution to the world.

What is ADHD Life Coaching?


While anyone can benefit immensely from working with a Life Coach, ADHD individuals experience a number of unique brain-based strengths that unfortunately go unnoticed, underutilized, and underappreciated.

I want to change that.


The same ADHD brain that can complete an entire project in one incredibly productive hyper-focused session or come up with an innovative creative solution on the fly can also create unique challenges that interfere with your quality of life and keep you from moving forward on your goals and aspirations.

You may be:

Struggling to plan, organize, and manage your time efficiently
Navigating a transition in your life and seeking clarity
Trying to create systems and processes that work for your unique brain
Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stuck with how you’ve been doing things
Challenged by executive functioning and find yourself reactive, impulsive, or distracted

You don’t need another system or strategy that’s designed to work for someone else. You need to learn what works for you, what’s getting in the way, and why, so you can continue making progress long after the coaching partnership concludes.

As an ADHD Life Coach, I help you discover and tap into your strengths to develop a holistic, intentional plan that allows you to thrive and take action.

Through a strengths-based lens, I’ll guide you in turning down the noise of the “shoulds”, reframe the voice of the judgmental inner critic, and release some of the pressure. You’ll learn to plan, prioritize, manage time and energy, and more depending upon your goals. You’ll also remember fun, creativity, and how to pause and recover with self-compassion and kindness.

This is dedicated time for you to:

  • Receive accountability support on a weekly basis
  • Experiment with strategies, structures, and systems that work for your ADHD brain
  • Uncover the strengths and skills of your unique wiring
  • Learn ways to navigate challenges with greater self-awareness and possibilities
  • Observe patterns and create sustainable changes that lead to more success and less stress
  • Celebrate your accomplishments, progress, and strengths on a regular basis!
  • Be authentically 100% YOU

Ready to open to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, and live in a way that’s more aligned with your ADHD brain?

What sets me apart

as a Life Coach for ADHD

As a Life Coach for ADHD, I take a holistic, strengths-based approach to our work together.

Through ADHD Coaching you’ll feel seen, heard, and understood, without expectation or judgment.

My clients tell me they’re drawn to working with me because:

  • I’m an ADHD-er too. I was diagnosed late in life and understand many of the unrecognized and underappreciated strengths and challenges you experience firsthand. I also understand the potential that enhanced self-awareness has to help you lean into your strengths and navigate the daily challenges of ADHD brain wiring.
  • I bring a background in HR with Executive and Leadership Coaching experience in corporate and non-profits organizations.
  • I’m a Certified Coach in ADHD and Life Coaching from the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) – an ICF accredited global ADHD coaching program
  • I was a competitive division 1 athlete in women’s basketball and understand the importance of physical activity and rest as an athlete and ADHD-er.
  • I received my Bachelor’s from Brown University and my Master’s in Nonprofit Management with a focus in Organizational Communication from Northeastern.
  • I’m warm, approachable, appreciate a good sense of humor, and am really good at asking the questions that move you forward.

I’ll create a space that is supportive and encouraging as
you become authentically, proudly, confidently YOU.


“Shelly is a calm, thoughtful and effective coach. Within minutes, she was drawing insights and "aha" moments out of me. We worked together to identify top goals and create practical solutions I could immediately implement. After my first session, the changes I made led to smoother days where I felt less frazzled and more in control! I highly recommend!!!”

Doctor and Medical Director

“I was having paralyzing fears of presenting my ideas at work. Shelly helped me break down what was happening and create an actionable plan to get more clarity around expectations (with new clients) and write an outline to guide my conversations. The result was feeling more prepared and confident in those stressful situations, which was the self-esteem boost I needed.”

CEO and Business Owner, Marketing

"After a ADHD diagnosis in my early 50s, I’d hoped coaching would help me learn more about the unique challenges (and strengths) that come with being neurodivergent. Without question, Shelly is an exceptionally thoughtful, empathetic, and strategic partner in that process. Our work together has been incredibly supportive and helped me develop healthy, concrete strategies for working with my brain. I’m incredibly grateful to have found Shelly.” 

John B., Nonprofit Consultant

“Shelly is wonderful to work with, flexible, and nonjudgmental. Her life experiences put her in the unique position to knowledgeably support clients with adult diagnoses of ADHD as well as work-related issues and career changes. Shelly helps her clients become the best version of themselves. I highly recommend her!”

Parent of ADHD and Autistic (AuDHD) Young Adult

“I was two years behind on administrative paperwork for my job before working with Shelly. ADHD coaching consisted of lots of pragmatic skill building, including sharing resources and strategies I didn't know about and connecting the right tool with the right challenge.
Even more impactfully, Shelly helped me recognize how self-criticism, perfectionism, and avoidance were all connected, what made them show up, and how they negatively impacted my ability to function. And then we figured out what to replace them with that would work for me!

Shelly is funny and gentle, pragmatic and non judgemental. I caught up on my backlog of administrative work, have maintained my progress, and have started new challenges since working with Shelly!”

Licensed Therapist and Small Business Owner